With the Natural Cool products is possible to achieve a full humidity control. The presence of moisture in the air, defined as atmospheric humidity, is essential for our existence; and yet it is frequently ignored, as our body is much more sensitive, for example, to temperature or wind speed. However, a lack of humidity in the atmosphere has harmful effects for the reproduction and the conservation of life. We all suffer, without realizing, the effects of an insufficient level of humidity: take for example the electric discharges when touching synthetic garments or door handles, especially when walking on carpets or synthetic flooring. Food quickly loses its firmness, suppleness and weight, to the detriment of consumers and, most of all, traders. Works of art and wooden furniture suffer harmful cracks and rapidly degrade if the space they are housed in is heated in winter without appropriate humidification. Many industrial processes are negatively affected by inadequate humidity levels, with significant economic repercussions, a well known fact among specialists.

Areas of use: printing, wood working, textile industry, offices, hi tech microchip manufacturing, museums, defense, food processing, computer rooms, photography…

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